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A very boho smash cake

I love everything boho and so when I spoke to Stacy about Mave's cake smash we were both totally excited to plan something simple with a bit boho. So I decided to find a beige backdrop, Stacy gifted me the beautiful cake stand, then we added some baby breath and some eucalyptus and ta-dah!! I brought all my equipment in to her home, we set up the area and Maven was ready to go ( smiling and looking at me) for the photo session. I don't have a studio so being able to bring my studio to my clients home is easy for my clients and also allows the baby to be in a comfortable environment and be able to be happier taking the photos! Also we got a little creative and at the end we did a fun ducky bath that went perfect with Maven's first birthday party theme. Thank you Stacy for letting me capture this adorable images for Maven's first birthday!

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