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Maternity and Newborns.

First of ... congratulations!!  Pregnancy can be so many things, happy, tired, stressful or like me once ,on bed rest. No matter your journey I am here to document it with you. I offer maternity sessions at location or at home. Wear something comfortable, lets shoot for a cooler time of the day and usually when you are around 34 weeks or more  pregnant and not later than 38 weeks ( baby can come any day and I am not sure how to deliver one lol).

For newborn sessions, I do  them at your home. I have found  that your home is comfortable, your baby is new and needs feedings, breaks, diaper changes, etc so nothing like being home. This session is usually best done after 10 days old, during peak light ( 11-2 pm) and lasts about 3 hours.

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