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A super fun headshot session for a very fun event panner!

This has been one of my favorite shots ever. First I love an opportunity to go to the city, second I love being able to get creative and third I love when you take photos of your friends because you can do a lot more fun stuff an get goofy!

Lindsey is the owner of LiliMarie Parties, a very trendy, creative and successful event planning business. She took a leap of faith a few years ago and followed her dreams of being creative and working with families in the Chicago metro area to open her business. Her creations are stunning, if you want to learn more follow her in instagram @lilimarieparties and she is not only beauftiul and talented but also down to earth and funny. I thought it would make sense and would be fun to do her session with festive murals, balloons, and then along our way in our adventure we ran in to a candy store and an old theater and the results were awesome! take a peak in the gallery below! Thank you Linds for going along the ride and not thinking I was crazy to do these ideas.


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