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Lifestyle Newborn Session

Im thrilled to share today some photos from my first newborn session. I had this in my list for a while now of things to do and finally was able to finish it! I want to first thank Kathleen and Paul for letting me practice with them and their newborn baby.

For the longest time, I had been very intimidated by newborn photos. I think one of the things that kept me from it was that I have never been a big fan of posing and I also I wasn't sure what to do with the baby. So I saved some money and faced my fears and took a class from one of the best Lifestyle photographers I've come across and I loved it. I seriously couldn't wait to try what I had learned and I loved how the photos turned out and how much fun I had at the session.

Walking in to their home brought me back down memory lane to when I was a first time mom and reminded me how fast time goes and how I wished I had taken some lifestyle photos when I had my kids. Lifestyle photography is my favorite it gives you a glance to what life is liken a setting you are comfortable in while doing the things you enjoy -- think of it as "life inspired".

Ever since this session I have done 5 more and I seriously cant wait for more to come. I cant wait to see parents bonding with their babies and capturing all those little moments that sometimes you forget to notice . I know the first days with a new baby can be exhausting and overwhelming that is why I do the session at home so you don't have to worry about feedings, and blowouts and driving the baby anywhere. I like to photograph your family, your pets, your your nursery, your home and all the little details that make this time special. I want you to look at these photos and think back of that time and live the emotions you felt back in those days. One day your baby will grow up and you can then show them what their house looked like, what their bedroom was like, and how tiny they were. I love including pets because they are a family member as well and they make for the most adorable pictures.

I hope you like this gallery and cant wait to share more soon!

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